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Frequently Asked Questions...

Are your designs original?

Yes. The designs are created using many elements of my own photography. I use a method of composite photography using design software to create unique and quirky designs. I use a Canon SX60 HS camera.

What is composite photography?

Composite photography is the technique I use to create my greeting cards. I blend together between two or more of my photos to create a new image by removing the backgrounds and combining the remaining elements.

How many photos do you use to create a single card?

Between two and fourteen unique photos are needed to create just one greeting card.

Who prints the greeting cards?

I use an established professional printing company based here in England. They are committed to sustainability, helping the environment and they are FSC Certified. All board and paper used by Londonland Designs is from the UK.

What does FSC Certified mean?

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. It is an organisation that promotes responsible management of the worlds forests via timber certification, ensuring the people, wildlife and environment are taken into consideration. The wood within Londonland Designs paper board is only sourced from FSC Certified Forests and harvested in a responsible manner. Each number is traceable to the organisation. 

What size are the greeting cards?

All of Londonland Designs greeting cards are square. They are a generous 150mm x 150mm (6 inch square) size.

What's inside Londonland greeting cards?

All cards are blank inside with no printed text, leaving you plenty of space to be creative with a hand written sentiment.

What colour envelopes do you provide?

Our envelopes are a muted natural pebble colour with the exception of Christmas cards which are supplied with a festive gold envelope. All envelopes are embossed by hand on the reverse. We only use the finest paper stock from responsible sources.

How many designs do you have?

We have almost 200 different greeting card designs to choose from! Choose your occasion from the homepage to view a particular collection, or view all Londonland Designs cards at once (in no particular order).

Why do people like receiving cards?

Many people feel that the effort put into a 'Happy Birthday' on social media, email or text just doesn't provide such a personal experience, unlike opening an envelope and taking out the card to read a handwritten personal message. Someone has taken the time to choose, write and post or deliver a card just for them.

What can I write inside a sympathy card?

A sympathy or condolence card is an opportunity to offer sympathy and support to someone who is grieving. Here are some suggestions for what you can write inside the card:

Start with a simple statement such as "I am so sorry for your loss."

If you have a special memory of the person who has passed, share it in a few sentences.

Let the recipient know that you are there for them: "If you need anything, please don't hesitate to reach out."

Avoid cliché phrases like "they are in a better place now."

End the message by adding a personal note or sentiment, such as "With love and sympathy.”

What can I write inside a wedding card?

A wedding greeting card is a way to celebrate the love and union of a newly married couple. Here are some suggestions for what you can write inside the card:

Simple such as "Congratulations on your wedding day!" or "Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness."

Write a personal message wishing the couple well and expressing your happiness.

If you have shared memories or experiences with the couple, mention them in a few sentences.

Share a piece of advice or offer words of wisdom for a successful marriage.

Did you know?

The United Kingdom sends more greeting cards than any other country! The most popular everyday cards are Birthday and the most popular seasonal cards are Christmas. Sending cards are still very much part of British culture.

How long does shipping take?

Orders will be despatched same day if received by 2pm Monday to Friday. Royal Mail 1st Class aims to deliver the next working day. If ordering for a holiday such as Christmas, please allow yourself plenty of time to ensure that your order arrives on time. How much does delivery cost?