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Quality card

This is a good quality and unusual card
It arrived quckly and was well packaged.
Nice firm to deal with.


Could not wait to try this new one. Again never disappointed with this company’s production. You can really smell the Bluebell’s. It’s as if you were walking around a beautiful garden. Another favorite to add to our collection. Highly recommend. Great Christmas presents. If you can ever part with them. Lol

James Bond

This company is the BEST. The melts are so sophisticated and unique. I will always buy from here. This wax again is very lovely. Like an expensive aftershave. Highly recommended


Very gentlemanly. One of our favorites. The melts are of generous size in each cube. The aroma lasts us two nights of melting. So around 10-15 hours.

Beautiful card

Lovely and well made card. Love it ! Thank you! Speedy delivery. Thank you!


This smells to me like gucci bamboo perfume, absolutely beautiful, so fresh i adore this one especially in spring summer.

Super different

Just what I wanted for a couple who are a little different. Great quality too.

Great card

Just what I was looking for, quick delivery
Buy in confidence

Trotters birthday card

Good fun, good price, nice quality, quick delivery.

Just a beautiful smell

So nice and have loads of comments on the fragrance


Without a doubt one of the most long-lasting, gorgeous smelling melts I have ever used. My new favourite wax melt company. Expect many more orders from me 🥰

True bluebell smell

This lasted for ages love this smell

Not overpowering

Had so many compliments about how lovely my house smelt


This melter looks amazing in my living room. Really well made and goes with my decor.

Christmas smell

The smell makes me remember about spending Christmas holiday at home with your family. Sitting together by the christmas tree, drinking some hot coco and, exchanging gifts and spreading christmas cheer.😊

A manly smell

The wax melt makes me think about a gentleman guy on a suit, giving you flowers and serving you dinner on your special day!😊 (review from my girlfriend)

Long lasting smell

My room smells sweet yet a bit of zest in it. My room really smells amazing for the entire day and the next few couple of days before adding another cube.😉

Pumpkin card

Fantastic card and first class service

Amazing aroma

I’m very new to wax melts, but these fill the house with such a great smell & visitors always comment about how nice the place smells. I’m now a convert to melts 😊

Anniversary card

Unusual card. Headed, Handsome Couple. Something abit different from the usual 'smoltzy' (if that's a word!?) card's. Not sent yet, so no reaction. Good quality, well priced & delivered quickly.


I ordered this scent along with Japanese Bamboo and my regular favourite James in Bond Street. This orange scent is fresh and fills the entire room for a long time. This wax melt company is definitely the best, the melts are excellent quality (they don’t have that horrible chip-fat smell after a while that I’ve had with other melts) and last for ages. Highly recommended 👍🏻

beautiful card perfect for all occasions

Lovely, very fresh and elegant scent.
Fills the whole room and is long-lasting.


Gorgeous scent - lovely masculine/cologne scent. Very strong and good for large open spaces.

Great quality

Great price
Great delivery
Chuffed to bits, thankyou
I'll be back :)