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Candle Snob Wax Melts FAQ's

What are Wax Melts?

Wax melts are scented pieces of wax with no wick.Candle Snobs wax melts are supplied in easy to use cube shapes. You'll need a wax melting warmer to melt the wax and release the fragrance into your room. Simply light a standard 4 hour unscented tealight candle in the bottom of the burner and wait for the wax above to melt and release the fragrance.

What is the difference between wax melts and candles?

Wax melts have no wick and are heated from below using a tea light candle or electric warmer. They are a very cost effective way to fragrance your home or office. Wax melts often provide a stronger fragrance in the room than a candle and do not create soot like candles sometimes can. Wax melts are also a good way to test out a particular scent before buying a candle.

How do I safely use wax melts?

Wax melts, also known as wax tarts, can be safely used in either a tealight wax warmer or an electric wax warmer. Only use a device specifically designed for melting wax. Do not move whilst the tea light is lit or whilst the wax is still hot. Never overfill your burner dish and don't burn for longer than four hours at a time. Full safety instructions are included in every order for you to keep for future reference. It can also be found on the 'How to use Wax Melts Safely" Tab section in every wax melt product listing on our website.

How can I make my wax melts smell even stronger?

The warmer the heat source, the stronger the scent will be, but please note that this will often reduce the duration of the scent. Fragrance strength will also depend on the type and size of the wax burner you are using, the wattage of the electric warmer, the size of the room, the temperature of the room, and the number of cubes used. Do not overfill your wax dish and never add water.

How many cubes of wax to use in a warmer?

This depends on the size of your melter bowl and your strength preference. Start with one cube if you like a more subtle fragrance or if you are using in a small area. The scent from two cubes will often last longer than one, due to the melted wax pool being deeper, so the fragrance burns off at a slower rate. We don't advise using more than two cubes at once as this can make the wax pool too deep and the temperature of the wax will not heat sufficiently. Also take into consideration the size of your melting dish. Many bowls can not hold more than two cubes of wax at a time and will overflow once melted.

How many times can wax melts be used?

Melted wax does not evaporate in the melting dish, unlike a candle. Keep using the same piece of wax with new tea lights until you can no longer smell any fragrance in the room. Allow the burner to fully cool down between each 4 hour use. Discard the old wax then replace with new fragrance cubes. Do not add new wax to the existing old wax, as this will dilute the strength of the new melt

How to remove wax melts?

Discard the old wax when fully cooled with a kitchen towel before it has had a chance to fully set hard again in the dish. Do not move the dish whilst the wax or the burner is still hot. 

How to clean a wax burner?

Our wax melters are not dishwasher safe. Wash the ceramic warmers by hand, (once all of the wax has been removed first), in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly. To clean our copper burner, we recommend using Brasso metal polish wadding on the copper, following the manufacturers instructions. Never clean the burner with anything flammable, such as furniture polish, as fumes can ignite. Clean with a damp cloth only and allow to dry thoroughly before use.

What are fragrance oils?

Fragrance oils are concentrated liquid fragrances made by blending both natural and synthetic aroma compounds.

Are fragrances safe?

Yes. All our fragrances are IRFA compliant, paraben free and have been thoroughly tested. They are compliant with the General Product Safety Regulations in the UK.

Are your fragrances cruelty-free?

Absolutely. All Candle Snob fragrances are cruelty-free and vegan friendly.

What does IFRA mean?

IFRA is The International Fragrance Association whose guidelines ensure that fragrances have been though a strict scientific testing process to ensure safety in the UK. All of Candle Snob products adheres to these regulations.

What size tea light should I use in a wax burner?

Candle Snob recommends only ever using a standard 4 hour tea light. An 8 hour tea light is not advised as they are bigger and taller which puts the flame closer to the burner dish and also risks overheating or cracking your burner and potentially causing a fire hazard. A larger tea light will also burn off your fragrance much quicker.

Can I use an oil burner to melt wax?

No. A burner designed for use with oil is much smaller and shorter than one made specifically to melt wax. The distance between the tea light flame and the bottom of the bowl is too close in an oil burner and will over heat causing your wax melts to burn off the fragrance too quickly, and could also be a fire risk. Only use a melter which is made for melting wax. Wax melters will keep your wax at the optimal temperature which will make your wax melts last longer.

Which type of wax do you use?

Our wax melts are produced using a cruelty-free hybrid mix of waxes. We have blended coconut wax, soy wax and mineral wax to give the best scent throw. 

What is a Candle Snob?

A connoisseur of premium home scent. Someone who appreciates the artistry and finest quality ingredients that goes into creating a truly exceptional fragrance experience.

How long does shipping take?

Orders will be despatched same day if received by 2pm Monday to Friday. Royal Mail 1st Class aims to deliver the next working day, although this is out of our control. If ordering for a holiday such as Christmas, please allow yourself plenty of time to ensure that your order arrives on time.How much does delivery cost?